Has your business or personal reputation been defamed online? If so, you may have a  claim for monetary damages.  In order to establish a defamation claim under Minnesota law, you must be able to prove  that there was a statement made that was false,  it was communicated to a third person,  and  it tended to harm your personal or business reputation within the community. A defamation action is designed to compensate a private person or business for a wrongful injury  to reputation. When a statement is defamatory per se, you do not even need to prove that you suffered actual monetary  damages. Defamation per se cases includes false allegations that you committed a crime of moral turpitude, for example, or false statements were made damaging to your trade or business. Damages are presumed  under the law to flow naturally from all defamatory per se statements and you may also be entitled to recover punitive damages. If a defamation case is proved up by a skilled defamation attorney, a person or business may recover damages from a defendant for past  and future injury to reputation, mental distress, humiliation and embarrassment in addition to special damages for  loss of income and medical expenses.

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