There are many defenses available to defeat  a  charge of criminal sexual conduct.  In 2006, I represented a client in Anoka County, Minnesota who was charged with 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct and 4th Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct. The defendant was engaging in consensual sexual intercourse with the alleged victim when  by mistake he penetrated her anus; a sexual act to which she did not consent. Our defense was accidental anal intercourse. The jury found the defendant Not Guilty on both counts.

In 2014, I defended a client  against a charge of 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct in Hennepin County, Minnesota. The alleged victim claimed that the defendant forcefully penetrated her vagina in the hallway of an apartment complex after she spent the evening with the defendant and his girlfriend.   The defense in that case was consent. The alleged victim seduced my client in the hallway of the apartment complex and then cried rape to protect her reputation and save face as she was a close personal friend of my client’s girlfriend. The jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty.

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