We are all protected from unreasonable police arrests in this great county of ours by the Fourth Amendment. Police are only allowed to make an arrest without a warrant if the arrest is supported by probable cause. Probable cause only exists when a careful and prudent police officer looking at all the circumstances would have an honest and strong suspicion that  you committed a crime. The probable cause standard requires more than just  suspicion that you committed a crime but less than  proof beyond a reasonable doubt  required for a criminal conviction. The information the police have to justify a warrantless arrest must exist before the arrest and not be acquired afterwards.  If a police officer did not have probable cause to arrest you without a warrant, any evidence seized by the officer is excluded from evidence and not admissible in court against you.

If you have been the victim of an illegal arrest, you have a legal remedy. You are protected by the Fourth Amendment. If you have any questions about a warrantless arrest, please call me at (612) 339-1024 for a free phone consultation.