Let’s assume you are a heroin dealer and  just made arrangements to sell  to a buyer. The arrangements were made using your cell phone. Let’s also assume the buyer is  a confidential reliable informant (CRI). A controlled buy occurs while you are under  surveillance  and, after the sale, the  CRI  delivers the suspected heroin to the police.   A field test is  positive for heroin. The police are now very interested in locating your suspected stash house. How do the police obtain this potentially incriminating location information? They submit an Application and Affidavit for a Tracking Warrant using the controlled buy and  statements made by the CRI  about your sales to establish probable cause. If the tracking warrant is granted by a judge,  police will be authorized to install a tracking device underneath your car or ping your phone  and use cell phone towers to to triangulate your location and follow your activities, even after you leave the State of Minnesota.

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