If you have been charged with a drug or alcohol criminal offense in Minnesota, seeking out prompt treatment with the right provider can make the difference between going to prison or jail and staying free. I have represented many clients over 36 years in practice as a Minnesota criminal defense attorney who have been charged with drug and alcohol  offenses. In each case, I have advised them to be proactive in their case and immediately enroll in a treatment program while the case is still pending in the criminal justice system.

As an example, I represented a client who was charged with his second felony DWI offense in Mille Lacs County. The client followed my advice and attended outpatient treatment and AA meetings. We stretched the case out as long as we could for him to build a history of successful treatment. I told him to ask questions, complete all assignments, and  be the best student in the class. When the treatment program was close to ending, we obtained a glowing letter from his treatment counselor which was presented to the judge at the time of sentencing. We asked the court to depart from the prison commit recommended in the sentencing guidelines. The judge agreed and the client was set free and rewarded for this efforts.

In another case, I represented a client charged with First Degree Controlled Substance Crime who was facing a prison commit under the sentencing guidelines. The client was horribly addicted to methamphetamine. Again, he was advised to enter and successfully complete a drug treatment program. The efforts of this client to voluntarily enter and complete the drug treatment program while the criminal case was still pending payed off at the time of sentencing. The judge granted our motion to stay the execution of the prison sentence.

I am highly recommending that you login to https://www.help.org/.

This website will direct you to the local treatment providers who are skilled and can help you with  high quality treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to improve the outcome in your criminal case. If you are in need of legal representation or have any questions, please call me at (612) 339-1024.