I recently defended a client charged with domestic assault. Based on a review of the case, we determined the alleged strangulation victim was in fact an unfaithful gold digger who manufactured the crime so she could dig deeper into the pockets of a kind and trusting man.

During the course of their relationship, the alleged victim moved into my client’s condominium located on beautiful Lake Minnetonka. She managed to convince him to purchase a horse which could be trained to perform at competitions and then sold for twice the purchase price. My client produced the money with the understanding it would be a 50/50 investment. The gold digger purchased the horse and titled it in her own name. She also wanted a car. My client agreed to provide the funds with the understanding it would be owned 50/50. The gold digger also titled the Mercedes Benz in her own name.

All along she had been receiving calls, text messages, and drive byes from her part-time lover, but the gold digger assured my client she was a victim of harassment. My client believed her lies. One day he happened to observe a text on her phone from the part-time lover asking whether she would like to come over early and if she would like something to eat. The jig was up! She was found out. The next day my client sent her a text message demanding she vacate the condominium within 15 days and suggesting she should move in with her part-time lover. The gold digger did not have a job or even a credit card to her name and no place to move to. The next thing you know there was a knock on my client’s bedroom door. It was the police. The gold digger had dialed 911 claiming her boyfriend had just strangled her! My client was arrested, taken to jail, and charged with domestic assault. The next morning a judge ordered him not to go within a 3-mile radius of his own condominium.

The gold digger lived rent free in the condominium of the person who allegedly strangled her for ten months. My client spent the time living in hotels. During this period, she sold the horse and car and kept the proceeds for herself. The gold digger also hired a personal injury attorney who has now demanded 150K in damages to settle the alleged strangulation case even though his client never sought medical treatment. Under the threat of eviction, the gold digger finally vacated the condominium. When my client returned to his condo, he discovered his silverware, pots and pans, TV, expresso machine, and bedroom set were all missing!

We demanded a jury trial. Our witness list included a physician who was prepared to testify that in his opinion there was no medical evidence of a strangulation. There was evidence of hyperpigmentation on her neck and chest which may be a symptom of liver disease from alcohol abuse. We also listed a character witness who would have testified that my client was a peaceful and nonaggressive person. The text messages were included in the disclosures. The night before the scheduled jury trial, the prosecution agreed to continue the case for dismissal. We accepted the offer thus ending the sage of the unfaithful gold digger who manufactured a crime to dig deeper into the pockets of a kind and trusting man.