Beyond Street Dealers: The Rise of Cyber Drug Crimes in the Digital Age

Technology has opened up new ways for unlawful enterprises in the ever-changing environment of crime, and the drug trade is no different. The emergence of cyber drug offenses in the digital era has added a new dimension to the worldwide drug problem, complicating law enforcement and creating public safety concerns. This blog investigates the problem [...]

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Facts about Minnesota Drug Crimes

Minnesota, like numerous other states, criminalizes not just the possession of illegal narcotics such as heroin, cocaine, and other banned substances, but also punishes people who sell the chemicals necessary to make them. Here are the five essential things about Drug crime you need to know if you live in the state. Illegal drugs in [...]

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Tracking Warrants May Lead to Stash House

Let's assume you are a heroin dealer and  just made arrangements to sell  to a buyer. The arrangements were made using your cell phone. Let's also assume the buyer is  a confidential reliable informant (CRI). A controlled buy occurs while you are under  surveillance  and, after the sale, the  CRI  delivers the suspected heroin to [...]

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Should I Snitch for the Police?

Snitching for the police has always been dangerous business. Police are very interested in climbing up the drug dealer food chain. They want to know who you bought your  drugs from and who else you may know that sells drugs. They want the big fish, not the small time dealer. Soon after your arrest, an [...]

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When Can Police Walk a Narcotics Detection Dog Down the Hallway?

        Police are required to have a "reasonable, articulable suspicion" of drug-related activity before they will be allowed to walk a trained narcotics-detection dog down the hallway  of your apartment building. The Minnesota Constitution protects   against unreasonable searches and seizures by the police. Evidence obtained as the result of an illegal search [...]

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Does a Landlord have Authority to Consent to a Police Search of your Apartment?

It's Saturday night and you are in downtown Minneapolis  with your friends  having a good time. Before leaving your apartment, you smoke some marijuana   and leave behind about 45 grams in a plastic bag  on the kitchen table.  While you are gone, a  pipe bursts in your apartment and water  leaks down through the ceiling of  the apartment below [...]

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Drug Conspiracy Law in MN

Who is a potential coconspirator to a drug sale? Any person  who conspired  with another person to commit a drug sale  where one or more of the coconspirators did some overt act in furtherance of the  of the conspiracy. The courts in Minnesota have determined that everything said, written or done by a single coconspirator [...]

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