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Tracking Warrants May Lead to Stash House

Let's assume you are a heroin dealer and  just made arrangements to sell  to a buyer. The arrangements were made using your cell phone. Let's also assume the buyer is  a confidential reliable informant (CRI). A controlled buy occurs while you are under  surveillance  and, after the sale, the  CRI  delivers the suspected heroin to [...]

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What can be done if I have already confessed?

Most people want to tell the truth. It’s in our nature. A confession to the police acknowledges our wrongdoing. When we confess, the weight of the world is lifted off our shoulders. We feel better inside, especially when the confession is given to an authority figure like a police officer. We are taught from childhood [...]

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How To Avoid a DWI Arrest

Stay calm; don't get out of the car. Let the police officer come to you. Locate your license and registration as you will need to have it ready to hand over to the officer. You don't want to be observed fumbling around for these items as the officer will note this fact in his report [...]

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