Snitching for the police has always been dangerous business. Police are very interested in climbing up the drug dealer food chain. They want to know who you bought your  drugs from and who else you may know that sells drugs. They want the big fish, not the small time dealer. Soon after your arrest, an investigator will come  see you at the jail and request an interview. Promises will be made about not charging out your drug case in exchange for your participation in a controlled buy of narcotics from your dealer. You may have to wear a wire and be given marked money. Promises of leniency at the time of sentencing may also be made to you. Think twice before you take the bait. Snitching is dangerous business. Your life could be placed at risk if the target learns that you snitched him out! You may even be called upon as a part of your cooperation agreement to testify against your drug dealer in court.

The decision to snitch should only be made after consulting with an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney. You may be eligible for a drug diversion program or for a “stay of adjudication”” resulting in no conviction. Why risk your life when the case could go away?

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