Should I Snitch for the Police after a Minneapolis Drug Bust?

Snitching for the police has always been dangerous business. Police are very interested in climbing up the drug dealer food chain. They want to know who you bought your your drugs from and who else you may know that sells drugs. They want the big fish, not the small time dealer. Soon after your arrest, an investigator will come  [...]

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Do Police Have to Inform You about an Arrest Warrant?

No, the police are not required to inform a criminal suspect about the existence of an outstanding  warrant for his or her arrest. Prosecutors will usually request an arrest warrant when charging out a more serious case like aggravated assault or first degree controlled substance crime where the suspect poses a serious threat to public safety, or in situations where the accused has a [...]

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Will I Be Drug Tested at My First Court Appearance for a Drug Crime?

If you have been charged with a controlled substance offense and are making your first court appearance, the judge may order as a condition of your release that there be no use or possession of drugs and that you  submit to random  drug testing.  You would be required by probation to submit to random  urinalysis to determine if there is a detectable amount of controlled [...]

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Are Police Required under Minnesota Law to Leave a Copy of the Search Warrant Affidavit?

Police are not required by Minnesota  law to leave behind a copy of the affidavit establishing probable cause for the issuance of the search warrant for your home.  Police are only required to leave  a copy of the search warrant and an inventory of items seized from the residence. A copy of the search warrant affidavit establishing probable cause [...]

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Minnesota Vehicle Forfeiture Law

Has your car been  seized by the police for forfeiture? If so, you may have a valid defense to the forfeiture proceeding. My advice  is to meet with an experienced forfeiture defense attorney to review the facts of your case and discuss possible defenses. Please be advised that there is a statutory time limit for [...]

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Do I Have to Produce My ID on a Traffic Stop?

The question often comes  up about  whether or not a person is required to produce identification when  requested by a police  officer after a  traffic stop. The answer to the question depends on whether or not the stop of you car  was legal. If the stop of your car was not supported by a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, the officer has no legal [...]

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