I recently defended a client who was charged with operating a  marijuana  grow house. Drug Task Force agents executed a narcotics search warrant at his home and discovered  marijuana plants growing on all three levels. On the upper level of the home agents found 251 suspected  marijuana starter plants in a walk-in closet. The plants ranged between 1.5 and 5.5 inches tall. On the main level  agents discovered 70 suspected marijuana plants that were approximately 9 inches tall. In the basement agents found 67 near mature  marijuana plants.  The grow operation was dismantled by police who  seized the equipment and suspected  marijuana plants  as evidence of a crime. The  plants  were submitted to the BCA for laboratory testing. The BCA issued a Report on the Examination of Physical Evidence and concluded that the  67 plants found in the basement contained marijuana and weighed  approximately  one kilogram. No testing was ever conducted by the BCA on the 70  suspected marijuana plants found on the main level of the home or on the 251 one plants seized from the upstairs closet.

I knew that in order for the state to prove  up a case of Attempted Third Degree Controlled Substance Crime  it  would need to prove that the marijuana grow operation was capable of producing 5 kilograms of marijuana within a 90 day period. The only evidence tested by the BCA were the plants found in the basement which weighed in at only one kilo! We waited until the day of trial to file our motion to preclude the prosecution from introducing any evidence at trial regarding the weight or identity of the untested plants. The motion was based on case law that held that where the state had possession of the entire amount of controlled substance but failed to use adequate scientific testing, any non-scientific evidence  regarding the identity or weight of the suspected marijuana was not sufficient to sustain a conviction. On the date of trial it was too late for any more testing by the BCA. The prosecution agreed to dismiss the Attempted Third Degree Controlled Substance charge which saved my client from a two year prison commit.

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