I recently defended two  clients in Anoka County who were charged with  misdemeanor  prostitution. The stakes were high as both clients had green cards and a conviction would  jeopardize their chances of becoming  U.S. citizens. The Coon Rapids Police Department designed an online ad to capture the attention of men interested in paying money for sex. The ad was  posted  on Back Pages and included the catch phrases  “Ring Tia’s Bell”  and “I’m a freak between the sheets. ” The ad even  required a promise that anyone who responded to the ad   was not a police officer. A price was listed in the ad for an hour and  half hour sessions. My clients took the bait and called the number.  A female police officer with a sensuous voice answered the phone and provided  the location of the apartment were the sting operation was set up by police. Their  phone calls were recorded and text messages copied for later use  in the prosecution.

My clients arrived separately at the sting location only minutes apart. They walked up to the apartment  and knocked on the door. A  female police officer dressed in  ordinary street clothes answered the door. Each client was invited inside the apartment by the undercover police officer.  Once  inside,  the  door  closed and  they were promptly handcuffed  and placed under arrest by a uniformed police officer hidden  behind the door. No money for sex was ever offered or exchanged by either client before their arrest. Police read each client the Miranda Warning in an attempt  obtain incriminating statements regarding their intent to pay money for sex. Fortunately neither client gave a statement.

The police officers in both cases jumped the gun too soon by arresting my clients as soon as they walked in the door. No money exchanged hands and no explicit statements were ever made to establish beyond a reasonable doubt their intent to engage in prostitution. While the case was pending, I sent both clients to john school.  They both successfully attended the program and arrived in court with a certificate  of completion. I was able to negotiate a continuance for dismissal on both charges. Once the charges are dismissed, we will follow up with an expungement proceeding to seal all records  from public view.

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