There are no guarantees that your husband can stay out of jail but there are things he can to lessen the chances. The first thing to do is hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Many times the defense lawyer will have had prior cases with the same prosecutor or may know the judge and his sentencing policy. This knowledge and experience can prove invaluable when defending a criminal case. If your husband represents himself, he will be an easy target for the prosecution because he poses no threat standing alone.

The second thing to do is to immediately enroll your husband in an anger management program so that he can get some counseling sessions under his belt before the first court date.

Third, tell your husband to have a chemical dependency evaluation done and tell him to begin to follow its recommendations. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to refer you to a defense oriented evaluator who will recommend the least restrictive alcohol treatment for your husband.

Finally, if you do not want to see your husband prosecuted, you should make this position known to the prosecutor. No one wants to push the case to trial with an uncooperative witness. Following these steps will give him “The Best Defense.”

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