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Police are authorized under under Minnesota criminal law to break your door down and enter your home to arrest you without a warrant.  Before  police officers are permitted to enter your home to arrest you without a warrant, they must first have probable cause to believe you committed a felony offense. Secondly, police must provide you with proper notice of the their office and purpose. Police officers  must identify themselves and  inform you that they they are at your home to arrest you. If these requirements are satisfied, Minnesota criminal law allows the police to break open an outer or inner door or window of your home and enter the premises to arrest you.

If  police did not have probable cause to believe you committed a felony offense or did not provide you with proper notice before entry into your home, you may be able to suppress the use  of any evidence obtained against you as the result of the illegal entry. A confession obtained from you after the illegal entry could not be used against you at trial. Any evidence seized from your home in plain view at the time of an illegal entry could not be used against you. .

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