If you have been charged in Minnesota with the crime of child abuse, you have been accused of one of the most horrific crimes imaginable. The jury will automatically presume you are guilty and will sympathize with the child. You will need to prove your innocence even though the entire burden of proof remains with the prosecution. Often times it will be necessary for you to testify in your defense in order to establish that your character does not fit the profile of a child abuser.

You will need an experienced child abuse defense attorney to defend you against these allegations. I recently defended a client charged with six counts of child abuse in Kanabec County, Minnesota, including felony malicious punishment of a child and assault in the third degree. I am proud to report that the jury returned a verdict on March 7, 2012 of not guilty to all four counts of child abuse. The case was no more than a witch hunt by the prosecution to convict my client at all costs, including tamping with the physical evidence in the case. We asserted the defense that an alternative perpetrator committed the crime and raised enough reasonable doubt to win an acquittal for my client.

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