Effective July 1, 2011, it is illegal to possess or sell synthetic pot in Minnesota. Synthetic pot is often sold under the street names of herbal incense, K2 or Spice. Certain chemicals in these drugs have a similar effect on the brain receptors as THC, the ingredient found in marijuana. The new syntheic pot law identifies many of the prohibited chemicals used in the manufacture of “fake pot” including JHW-007, JHW-018 and JHW-073. The synthetic marijuana law also prohibts the possession or sale of any analog of the prohibited chemicals. An analog is any chemical that has a subtantially similar or greater effect on the central nervous sytem as the chemicals referenced in the new synthetic pot statute. The new law makes the sale of any amount of synthetic pot a gross misdemeanor offense. A person who unlawfully possesses any amount of synthetic marijuana is guilty of a misdemeanor offense.

If you are charged with a synthetic pot criminal offense, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend your freedom and reputation. You may be able to negotiate a drug diversion program or challenge the legality of the police seizure of the synthetic marijuana in your case. Contact Robert J. Shane, Esq. for a free phone consultation at (612) 339-1024 or visit his website at www.criminallawyerminnesota.com.
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