As of April 9, 2012, it just became easier for a person convicted of a crime in Minnesota to seal their criminal past from public view. The Minnesota Court of Appeals has issued a decision granting the district court authority, under the right circumstances, to order the sealing of not only criminal records maintained at the courthouse, but criminal records maintained by the executive branch of government. Executive branch agencies who maintain criminal records include the police department, sheriff department, the city attorney, county attorney, the Minnesota Attorney General, the probation department, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the FBI, the Minnesota Department of Human Services, and the Minnesota Department of Health. These agencies can now be subject to an expungment order and be required to seal all records concerning your arrest, complaint, trial, and discharge.

Criminal records are available online and are used when making decisions about employment, housing, and lending. All you have to do is go to the BCA website with a name and date of birth and you can pull up the criminal history of anyone convicted of a crime in Minnesota.

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