If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense in Minnesota, a judge will place you on probation for a certain period of time. If the offense was for a first time DWI, probation is typically for one to two years. Felony probation can last much longer. A judge may impose some executed jail time as a part of the sentence and then stay the execution of the balance of the jail sentence on certain conditions. These conditions may require you to remain law abiding, follow the rules of probation, not use alcohol or nonprescription drugs, submit to random US’s, pay a fine, pay restitution, or have no contact with a crime victim. If you violate any of the conditions of probation, a judge could require you to serve more jail time.

Before you can be required to serve any more jail time, you are entitled to a hearing. The prosecutor will need to prove by clear and convincing evidence that you violated the conditions of your probation and the need for confinement outweighs the policies favoring probation.

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