My advice would be to retain a Minnesota hit and run defense attorney before turning yourself in at the jail. A lawyer will be able to determine whether or not a warrant has been issued for your arrest. If there is an outstanding arrest warrant, the court may have authorized a bail amount. If bail has been set by the court, you should contact a bail bonding company from the comfort of your own home. The bonding company will post the bail amount on your behalf and schedule your first court appearance.

A hit and run defense attorney may also be able to persuade a prosecuting attorney to issue a summons instead of an arrest warrant. A summons is mailed to your house and notifies you of the date of your first court appearance. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to keep you at home and out of jail when facing hit and run charges.

If you or someone you know was involved in a hit and run, you will need to retain an experiened Minnesota criminal defense attorney. Call Robert J. Shane for a free phone consultation at (612) 339-1024 or visit his website for more information on leaving the scene of an accident at