On your first felony court appearance in Minnesota, you will be advised by the judge of the nature of the charge. If you have not previously received a copy of the criminal complaint, you will be given a copy at the first appearance. The judge will tell you  that you are not required to say anything or submit to interrogation.  Anything you say in open court that is incriminating could be  used against you at trial.  If you appear without an attorney and can not afford one, the court will advise you that a public defender will be appointed to represent you at no cost. If you appear without an attorney and can afford to hire one, you should ask the court for a brief continuance in order to retain private counsel. You will not be required to enter a plea of either guilty or not guilty at your first felony court appearance. The prosecution will serve you in open court with a notice of evidence against you and of identification procedures. The court will then set the conditions for your release and schedule the next court appearance.

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