Yes, a clean record will help you when facing a felony charge in Minnesota. The judge, prosecutor, and probation officer will all consider the fact that you are a first time offender when determining everything from the plea bargain to the length of the sentence.

After a person pleads guilty to a felony or is convicted after a jury trial, the judge will order a pre-sentence investigation report. The probation officer assigned to the case will interview you to collect background information, conduct a criminal history check, and prepare a report for the judge and attorneys to read prior to sentencing. One of the factors used to determine the length of a felony sentence in Minnesota includes your criminal history. The second factor is the severity level of the offense. These two factors are combined to determine where on the sentencing grid your case falls under the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines.

A person who commits a more serious criminal offense and has a lengthy criminal history will serve more jail or prison time that a person who commits a less serious crime and has no prior convictions. A clean record will help you get a better plea bargain and a reduced sentence when charged with a felony offense in Minnesota.

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