If you have been granted a stay of adjudication on a felony drug conviction in Minnesota and have successfully completed your probation, you are eligible to file a petition to seal all records concerning your arrest and criminal charge. You will need to establish a number of factors in your petition, including the steps you have taken toward rehabilitation, your lack of subsequent criminal history, and why the expungement should be granted by the court. A judge will only grant the petition for expungement if you can prove by clear and convincing evidence that the benefits to you are equal to any disadvantages to  public safety and the burden on the court in sealing the records.

The granting  of an expungement petition is considered “an extraordinary remedy” and will require the skill of an experienced  expungement attorney to draft the petition and successfylly argue the case before the court. Protect your reputation and your future. Call criminal defense attorney Robert J. Shane for a free phone consultation at (612) 339-1024.