The crime of fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle is a felony level offense in Minnesota. See Minnesota  Statute Section  609.487. Any driver who flees or attempts to flee an officer who is lawfully discharging his official duty can be charged with this offense. The crime occurs when the driver, after being given a signal to stop by a person the driver knew or should have known was a police officer,  intentionally attempts to elude the officer. The officer typically signals a stop of a driver by activating his emergency lights. If the driver fails to stop, the officer will  activate his  siren.

Evidence of flight includes refusing to stop, increasing speed, or making evasive turns in order to avoid apprehension. The distance driven after the signal to stop will be a factor in the case along with any admissions by the driver that he saw the emergency lights or heard the siren. The driver’s motive to flee the police officer will also be a factor. Why did he flee? Was his driver’s license revoked or was he under the influence or alcohol or a controlled substance? The prosecutor may attempt to present this evidence to the jury.

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